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Project Title :

One Of One Thousand Brand

Features :

Created a custom plugin to manage custom variation to select number of their choice. Integrated stripe and paypal payment gateway. Managed the selected number in cart checkout and order Managed the unavailability of number when in someones cart or or sold out In cart yellow color and sold out red color Added custom size guide on each page using hook. Manage timer in cart i.e if user doesn't check out in 20 mins the particular number will ne available again. List of plugin used and configured are: Woocommerce Color or image Variation Select WooCommerce WPML WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML Mailchimp PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Customize woocommerce templates like email, cart, minicart and more Managed WPML with our custom custom select number field

Description :

The concept of the project is to sell 1000 number of a particular design in form of T-shirt, Hodie, SweatShirt and allowed user to select number of their choice , color and size