Provide effective products & quality of service that accelerates business functions & help to improve business Model


To be a reputed identity of Information Technology industry.

What We Do

We have a team of experienced developers and analysts. We have specialized developers as per different stages of Software Development Life Cycle. Our key differentiator is in our ability to understand the customer requirements and delivering the final product exactly as per the expectations with full quality standards. We are not afraid of being flexible in our approach if the customer needs it.

Our team members always give the full perspective of a project to which they are assigned. This not only enhances their job satisfaction levels and adds to the learning process, but it also enables us to meet customer requirements effectively, quickly, and in an integrated manner, and to serve them efficiently.

We believe if a company has a process and system in place, then the execution becomes very simpler. Besides, customers can trust our software delivery process because of our pre-defined structure.

We always make products using advanced modern technology that is best compatible with current technologies and also perform well for the long future.

Our History

NatRIX has been progressing for 10 years and stands for the quality of products and happy list. NatRIX has been extended not just in team size but also with working different domains & technology platforms. Our flexibility of working on complex projects and accepting development challenges, create opportunities and add experience to our team.


First Bold step

Friends by profession software developer, gathered with common objective


Documentation & Legalization

Company registered with named “NatRIX Software Pvt Ltd”.
Launched of website
Our Team


Planning & Development

Web & desktop application development .NET Technology
Team size : 7
Product : 2 (NATShop, NAT Office)


Product Development

Web Designing (Graphics, Logo) & Web development
Team size : 15
Product : 2 (NATLoan, NATSocial Connect)


Sales Team Introduction

Front End Technology added to work domain AngularJS & ReactJS
Team Size : 20
Client : 20
Projects : 35


Mobile Department Introduction

Mobile App Development in native platforms Android, iOS
Team Size : 20
Client : 35
Projects : 100


Team Building

Technology PHP with WordPress & Coignighter, Mobile apps with Xamarin & IONIC Cross Platform technologies
Team Size : 35
Client : 60
Project : 180


Development, Deployment & Support

Inhouse Hosting & Digital Marketing, SEO Support
Team Size : 40
Client : 100
Project : 600
Product : NATGard


Technology Upgrades

Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile App Development,Digital Marketing, Hosting & SEO
Team Size : 40
Client : 200
Project : 1200
Product : NatShop Mobile Apps Android & iOS


First branch establishment

New Branch Started at Ahmedabad, New Business Collaborations, Working for B2B model
– Positive in Covid-19 Pandemic
– Experienced WFH


Establishing Identity & Business Model

Continue on Web Designing, Web Development, Mobile App Development,Digital Marketing, Hosting & SEO
Est. Team Size : 50+
Est. Client : 300+
Est. Project : 1500+


Our Team

Natrix does a great job of highlighting their leadership team – we love the warm, almost candid feel of the photos that make each person look natural and relaxed. You can click through to read each leader’s bio.

Vikram Sisodiya Data Science Head

He leads the Research & Innovation Centre. He steers Technical Team to stay in a leading position in Emerging Web Technologies, Mobility Trends, Building Scalable Architecture, Complex Frameworks, Multi-channel Platforms using Modular Programming methodologies in an Agile environment.

Parimal Dhimmar Client Services Head

He has a strong entrepreneurial skill set and a consistent record of exemplary job performance in team leadership, customer service, client relations, and sales/servicing. He is one of the phenomenal contributors guiding NatRIX towards “the big picture” through his fundamental knowledge and intensive experience in software programming and technological field.

Kaushik Patel Operations Head

He is responsible for the administrative and operational aspects across wide range of areas including HR, Finance, Knowledge Management, Networking and Infrastructure. He is a strategic thinker and a resource optimizer, with the ability to work effectively across all the levels of his functional areas. He has expertise in aligning the operational resources successfully to optimize the processes.

Mayur Bhavsar Technology Head

He is one of the dynamic technology leaders with over 10 years of experience in project leading, development, team management and overall technical execution. He manages web and mobility based projects and team, is an expert in technology leadership, execution, strategic direction & development, team management, technology and team assessment.

Darshan Prajapati Key Accounts Head

He is an outstanding Leader, an Initiator who can cosset an individual towards achieving goals and an Effective Mentor with his judicious logic. He is a committed member with a wide experience of over 10 years and 100+ projects across software development, team leading and project management & delivery.


A great working culture is based upon strong values, diversity of thoughts, right to share innovative ideas and suggestions & passionate people


We have taken the decision to start a new branch office in Ahmedabad in mid of Covid Situation.


At the time of COVID 19, Organizations and HR professionals successfully adjusted their business and employees' WFH activity, Remotely Gaming, Get-together small function with a success awards celebration.


Creating networking opportunities for your colleagues and Deliver a corporate or brand message to our IT environment by celebrating the corporate annual day.


Every small company has the big achievement of when they pass out 5 years of good management with continues of experienced employees.

New Own Office


We have established well infrastructure with a Productive atmosphere, Positive thinking, Good work-life balance, Growth opportunities, Open and honest communication, Compassionate team members


In the same way, we have to pass one more year with the same location but what think was changed as num of an employee, num of clients, num of the relationship of other


Expand our business with fasted crowing city surat. we have started so many new things of a company like Employee birthday celebration, Festival Celebration, Gaming Activity, Annual day celebration, etc.

Celebrated Festival


Over the years the success of this company would not be possible if we didn’t have someone Directors like us

Start up Business


This year is a special one for us all since we are about to take the first step of our dream, and commence the inauguration of our new company Natrix Software at Bardoli on 15-11-2013

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