FrontEnd Technology

Angular JS Development Service

As a benchmarked front-end framework, AngularJS offers complete functionalities required by expert developers. Single page applications and cross-platform applications demand a versatile framework that incorporates the flexibility to create rich applications. This is where our specialist teams excel with expert AngularJS Development Services, while others offer average services. We leverage the options of the AngularJS Development framework to offer superior results

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Next.js Development Service

Our company focuses on the design, development, and deployment of web solutions using the most current web technologies, methodologies, and best practices. Choosing the right technology is critical to delivering highly performant, scalable, and successful applications. With the increase in users’ digital interactions, they have higher expectations when it comes to websites and apps that will load in milliseconds, exhibit high performance and fulfil their needs. Next Js can help you meet those demands. A React framework for developing JavaScript applications, Next Js helps businesses to grow their digital presence in the market. You can utilize Next Js development to create dynamic and static websites and applications that are fast loading, robust, and feature-rich. As an experienced Next Js development firm, we are your best choice when it comes to creating highly engaging, safe, and scalable apps

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React JS Development Service

Acting as a React.js development company, we know how to get full advantage of this software developemnt technology. The use of virtual DOM makes React.js an effective tool for creating good-looking user interfaces and ensuring high performance. Among other benefits, React.js allows reusing the existing components which simplifies and accelerates the development process. Our React development team is skilled to deliver robust web applications that allow seamless SEO integration, easy migration and fast debugging.

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Type Script Development Service

We are early adopters of TypeScript (TS) to use with a range of JS based frameworks to implement flawless coding environments. This results in faster and quality delivery of websites and applications. Being a leading web development company Codezee has expert TypeScript developers to hire who explore, innovate and master the latest technologies to develop and deliver large scale applications.

We turn your idea into a workable solution by combining TypeScript with JS frameworks and libraries. Our TypeScript App development services are super-effective and advanced in nature. We create flawless applications that prove to be an asset for your business. Before we begin with development, our team of researchers creates a customer persona for your industry and create a relatable solution.

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Vue. Js Development Service

We are a leading Vue.Js software development company using frontend technology and its features such as taking advantage of modern tooling, supporting libraries, server-side rendering, streaming and component-level caching capabilities to build flawless and high performing applications. We utilize reusable, component based UI for Vue.Js app development and easily upscale the applications in the future.

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