Photo Album

Photos album provide register user can give order of Google photos with different shipping location


About Photo Album

Admin can add the selected orders into Batch and process the batch for print to ship. Admin can view the user information, order information, payment information, etc at the admin side. Admin can print shipping information stickers from the admin side. We have created c# exe to download the images of an Albums.
Users can give orders to Google Photos albums with different shipping locations. Users can edit orders. Admin can download all albums and print them and shall ship that album.

Right → Left
Left → Right
Top → Bottom
Bottom → Top
Hover from any side


  • User can give order Google Photos album with different shipping location.
  • User can edit order.
  • Admin can download all album and print it and shall shipping those album.

One Of One Thousand Brand

The concept of the project is to sell 1000 number of a particular design in the form of T-shirt, Hodie, SweatShirt and allowed a user to select a number of their choice, color and size

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