An Application make for an emergency request on the critical situation


About Bomberos

it’s a Xamarin form app for both the android and iOS versions. App objective for user can make an emergency request on the critical situation have admin app also will see list of request for help of users and communicate with him and try to resolve it.

Right → Left
Left → Right
Top → Bottom
Bottom → Top
Hover from any side


  • Animated Splash Screen
  • Offline support (sync data from SQLite database and server database)
  • login/register via OTP
  • Biometric authentication (faceid and pin)
  • Twilio SMS Integration
  • Managed Emergency alert notifications and messages


It’s a Xamarin Native app for both Android and iOS. It’s a social app like Facebook but has a different concept specific to school sports. The main objective is to connect each school sports with each other teams and share posts. there are event management modules where we can invite users to specific events and hangout together.

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