Easy Care

our app vital and GPS data is available to the caregiving relatives in real-time


About Easy Care

The revolution for care @ home. Through the combination of the Easy Care app and a smartwatch we enable caregiving relatives to stay in touch with their loved ones in real-time – no matter where they are

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  • Keeping all members involved
  • Organizing help for seniors
  • Providing security any time/where
  • Twilio Chat Messaging
  • Azure Scheduler
  • Azure AdB2C
  • We offer useful reminders for upcoming events or medication intakes as well as chat participation via the smart watch
  • MVVM Structure


This is the Surecare lifestyle application catering to Telemedicine and Insurance services. This app provides you with services ranging from purchase to policy and package management. You can make your package purchases, update your profile, make claims book your doctor’s appointment as well as chat with us about your needs!

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