Jefreey AI

JeffreyAI is a sales engagement platform that looks after all of those tasks that need doing.


About Jefreey AI

JeffreyAI is a conversational AI using taught responses to inbound email inquiries and linked to a marketing automation and workflow framework. It assists sales staff responding quickly 24/7 and helps to increase the lead qualification capacity. JeffreyAI allows the salesperson or anyone engaging with a customer getting more time to do what matters. The user will get a dashboard overview of the performance and the option to download engagement templates built by other users or experts. With the feature to keep training your personalized AI to respond to questions you can build your AI exactly the way you want it to be and take back control of the AI brain.

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  • JQGrid
  • Dynamic Chart implementation using Chart JS
  • Manage Dashboards
  • Service & Support module


1to1 Desk was first released during 2017 and is trading under Bidatask Ltd ( The product is built on Hybrid Azure SaaS platform that allow our customers to use our collaboration tools and modules in any locations where access to Microsoft Azure infrastructure is easily accessible. The platform is using ITIL as the foundation for the functionality and the way client collaborates with a specialist

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