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Establishing peace is work that needs to be done “by the people for the people,”

Peaceful Cities

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The meditation protocol designed for the study pulls from a variety of proven techniques, which have shown to improve clarity, enhance decision making, and facilitate optimal functioning in many ways, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing headaches and pain. Thus it’s a win/win situation with the potential to produce powerful and long-lasting effects, both inside and out!! Peaceful Cities Project we have to Create a meditation event plugin. Create a custom post with custom fields inside the plugin. Create meditation registration and manage it. Manage login and registration with a popup.

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    Health & Fitness

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    Web Development

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  • Create a meditation registration event
  • Users can register inside specific meditation.
  • Adin manage registration User
  • Manage Events
  • Manage Testimonial

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Wordpress Wordpress
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In this model, The project’s budget, deadlines, and team composition are predetermined to ensure a transparent and reliable development process. This model suits best clients who have a perfect vision of their requirements.

Benefits of Fixed Price Model

  • check Low financial risk as cost and timeline are predefined
  • check There is minimal chance of error due to the well-defined structure of the interaction
  • check No need for constant management
  • check The model can not exceed the development budget
  • check There is a strict deadline for project delivery

This is a very classic and simple way of engagement wherein clients pay for the number of hours the app developer works on the project Clients easily start the project as they don’t have to walk in with detailed specifications. This drives a lot more trust and communication. This drives a lot more trust and communication.

Benefits of Dedicated Software Developers

  • check Scalability - the client can easily modify requests or add new devs if needed
  • check A client can select and manage every working process of a dedicated team
  • check Managers are responsible for communication
  • check Lower development costs
  • check Deep understanding of the client’s project and business goal

In this Model projects’ scope is not clearly defined and requirements are dynamic and constantly changing. The Time & Material model works if it is not possible to implement specifics or divide a project into several smaller stages. This option allows an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rate for the amount of work, tasks, resources, or other expenses in the development process.

Benefits of Time & Material Model

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  • check You can start a project fast without spending time on planning
  • check More control during the development process
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  • check You can decide whether to make an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly payment

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