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SocialHootz is bolstered by a unique multi-phase strategy designed to bridge the gap between traditional digital agencies and the new generation of automated social selling.
Each component of SocialHootz contains proprietary techniques that are designed to get the very best from your current content. The unique and innovative product features of SocialHootz have excellent reputations in their own right but put them together and you’ve got unrivaled results never before seen.

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  • Template Management
  • Mailer Management
  • Category Management
  • User Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Smart Content Marketing
  • Robust Reporting


This is an employee management system where admin can manage their employee details, create new employees, assign particular roles, share documents with a group of employees, chat with them, based on the role employee can perform their activity and they can update their profile detail also.
Customer admin can create a group of selected employees, share any document in that particular group. Users can create their waves, create multiple posts with multiple images, also edit/delete publish the post.

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