Enables true democracy and facilitates group organisms to grow their fullest potential.


About Tagdit

TAGDit is a memory bank for groups, where members share and store information in a searchable database. This group mastermind continuously grows, as information is added, updated, and rated.

It offers a platform for deep democracy and horizontal leadership. It allows for every voice to be heard, as it offers the ability for members to post questions to the entire group, and have the option to either answer questions themselves or transfer to a trusted member.

TAGDit provides access to ideas and feedback from all members of your group – in every position, at every level, which offers a unique overall view from which to make informed decisions.

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  • A Platform for True Democracy
  • Information Sharing
  • TAGDit Measures Trust


WMBC is happy to partner with Shearn Elementary, an HISD school in the Willow Meadows Neighborhood that teaches K-5th grade. We have a love for teachers and we seek to serve them, be it through goodie bags, classroom support, or encouraging prayers. If you are looking for a place to serve where you can make a big difference, please consider Shearn Elementary. Pre-pandemic, our members have been mentors and volunteer readers for the students, which isn’t possible now.

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