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Best application needs innovative user interface design across all your digital channels.

Our Web Design Services

UI is the most critical issue in the website development. A well-design website may become an identity of a business and enhance the business. All clients want their webpage should be attractive and have unique. Today Web templates are so attractive and give a better feel to users.
We have team of graphic designers capable to design all kind of web site templates with variations. Our mastery in Design the best customer-oriented web templates that suit client business and it will be a unique and distinct online presence for your business.
We provide to service to change the theme of the existing website and provide appropriate themes. The customized graphic designs to increase overall website appeal below are some basic types of design we provide.

Our UI/UX Professionals Are Experts In

Contact our UI/UX designers today and chat with them about refreshing an existing site or get consulting for a new idea. Our design experts are well-informed with the latest design trends and user experience strategies so we can provide the greatest success possible.

Analysing User Behaviour Across Different Devices

User behavior tends to change from device to device due to the different screen sizes. Our team of dedicated designers and developers work together to analyze and construct strategies that maintain or improve the user experience across different devices-no matter how big or small the screen is.

Optimization Experiences & Interactions for the User

Our developers and designers work hand in hand to constantly suggest improvements that can be made to the user experience and interaction. Until the client and users are satisfied, we will keep working to improve the design through necessary feedback and suggestions.

Extensive Testing & Analytics

The design process is about starting with a well-informed design, and making iterations based on user testing to end up with the best possible product. We can work with existing UIs and collect user data and feedback, and we use this data to make improvements, repeating this process as many times as necessary.

Our Approach to UI/UX Services

Reasearch and Strategy

An in-depth analysis of business needs is done along with competition mapping to devise a strategic blueprint and determining the aesthetic goals for the designs.

Information Architecture

The core focus of our UI UX design and development services is usability. The design elements are created in a way that they guide the user base to their end goal.

Wireframe and Prototype

The roadmap designed are elaborative and show the positioning of the design elements in great detail. The clickable prototypes show the exact flow of the structure.

Visual Design

We integrate a design philosophy into our interfaces that comprehend the psychology of the user, is visually appealing and highly interactive to his actions.

UI Development

We align your vision into the design architecture keeping in mind the usability, functionality and interactive quotient of the design interface.

Usability Testing

We maintain writing clean codes to create value-driven, consumer-focussed interfaces that build ROI for our clients and promote user interaction.

Web Design Company

Natrix Software Private Limited is an important thing that should be developed with quality content and design. Any organization or business needs branding to boost their sales and make their business prosper. Above the business point of view, a brand needs recognition which will set the initial concept of sales in motion. We create logos and brand promotional materials which will give the best first impression in front of your users.
Our designing team has extensive experience in creating graphically compelling logos which can create a positive impact on your users.

Logo Design

Creating logos is the holy grail for a branding agency.  Being a part of a logo design is like being part of the birth of a child- it’s an inspired opportunity, it’s the ultimate challenge, it’s a bestowed honor and for our designers it’s how they earn there stripes.  A logo’s visibility is undeniable from websites and advertisements to signs and business cards a logo is the foundation of a brand.  Knowing this we approach every logo design with an inspired dedication.

When it comes to logo design, we have the right approach and we have some of the most talented designers on the web but this does not make a logo design strategy.  To have successful results, to create award winning designs and to consistently impress our clients it comes down to having a repeatable process.

At Natrix Software we have honed our process over time and it is the only way we know to be successful every time.

Logo should be:

  • Simple
  • Striking
  • Easily Recognized And
  • Appropriate for your business

Design Technologies We Work With

There are so many great web design tools around these days, created to help you with mockups, frameworks, testing, streamline your workflow, boost creativity, and more.

  • Adobe XD

  • Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • CorelDRAW

  • InVision

  • Figma

  • MockFlow

  • Balsamiq

  • Sketch

  • Bootstrap

  • CSS-3

  • HTML 5

  • Javascript

  • jquery

  • material-design

  • sass

Why Should You Choose Our Web Designers

  • Work together with a team of web designers and developers
  • We provide more solutions for your custom requirement
  • We’ll help elevate your business with optimized solution
  • You’ll gain access to a high quality design team with open communication
  • Our designers are dedicated to solving any web design problems
  • We optimize our designs for your type of business operation

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