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Find Your Happy Place Including over 50 happy hours in the Colorado Springs and Monument area.


About Cheers City

Cheers City finding nice places with great specials. Sometimes we want to try something different, find a happy hour based on our location, see who’s hosting certain events, or just meet new people.
This site manages all stuff related to wine shops. Shopkeepers are able to add it’s a business and happy hours for a business. Customers shall search the wine shop according to happy hours.

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  • Manage business name
  • Mana happy hours for a business.

Peaceful Cities

The meditation protocol designed for the study pulls from a variety of proven techniques, which have shown to improve clarity, enhance decision making, and facilitate optimal functioning in many ways, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing headaches and pain. Thus it’s a win/win situation with the potential to produce powerful and long-lasting effects, both inside and out!!
Peaceful Cities Project we have to Create a meditation event plugin. Create a custom post with custom fields inside the plugin. Create meditation registration and manage it. Manage login and registration with a popup.

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