Daily Care Records

Private home care can be simplified using a digital tool for improving the home care your family member


About Daily Care Records

Home care agencies can provide you with carers to hire but often there is no care software to help you manage the care you receive. This is where daily care records can assist you to take control and save time with the tasks related to guiding your domiciliary carer or your live-in carer.
They can provide Store instructions for your carer to follow, Get Medication Alerts to prevent errors, Share the care records with the GP and family members

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  • Manage medication
  • Users can print/save clients profile
  • Manage archive list of clients profile
  • Manage Staff profile details
  • print/save Program of Care
  • client can add,archive,print profiles, supervisor notes, medication records
  • user is only able to edit his/her note only for 24 hours.

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