Companies use website visitor tracking to understand in detail how visitors interact with their site.


About eStation

eStation is a web application for business marketing. Users can register from the website and track users who visit his websites/Social accounts. By Active different categories of links, Users can see the detailed reports of Users’crowl and results for the website. There are also paid package for more features to enable.

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Business Marketing


  • Best Graphical Representation
  • Analytics Results for Users from Websites/Blogs/social sites
  • Set Missions and see the blueprint of result
  • Add Links of Facebook/Twitter/Blogs/Websites to track
  • Responsive Web Design

BYX Employees

It is for the transportation industry admin website, mobile app, and rest API for mobile app. It consists of tracking driver’s routine work like Lunch, Driving, not driving, at stop and other details. I also implemented validations for Hours of Service based on US and Canada standards.
Admin portal specially designed to fesilate administrators to manage information and view reports.
– Reports Section: daily Hours of Service reports, Repaired Required Vehicles, Driver information, and others.
– Configuration Section : (Email, SMS, Azure Container Details, Warehouse location, etc)
– Add/Edit Forms: Admin allows to make and alter records of the system
– Rest full API that sync records from Driver’s Mobile app to Server

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