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About SpeakerLeads

Speaker Lead is a service platform which is provide to upload a lead details using csv file and also a create a single lead after user register. Lead details can be start date, end date, URL, conference date, name and etc. In the Speaker Lead, there are three kinds of users. Researcher manage thair own lead details. Manager manage researcher account (Active/Deactive), leads and other functionality also. Admin is main user who can manage whole website.

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  • Login – Registration
  • Create lead detalis
  • Upload csv for create multiple lead
  • manage lead(CURD)
  • Manage user account(Active/Deactive)
  • Add researcher
  • Add package
  • purchases package

Simply Evaluate

Simply Evaluate is application to manage different sports category. It is a multi-dimensional Athlete Evaluation system offering unparalleled objectivity and transparency. It uses an evidence-based decision-making model yielding evaluation scores that are clear, concise and factual. This leads to affirmed Athlete placement and reduced stress levels during the entire Team selection process.

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