Jammber Splits

Splits app captures your credits in real-time by allowing you to digitally decide and agree on writer and publisher percentages.


About Jammber Splits

The Jammber Splits™ app captures your “splits” or song shares in real-time. Add co-writers from your contacts or collaborators in the room with a few clicks. It handles gathering other important information such as date of creation, collaborator publisher information, etc.

Splits app optionally sync with Bridge™ to accurately track your credits, and keep everyone involved on the same page. Push your Muse™ sessions or Splits™ proposals to your publishers and teams right from your mobile device.

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  • Create Together
  • Get Paid Together
  • Split Royalty Payments
  • unified dashboards
  • Ease of Implementation
  • collaborators all over the world
  • Multilangauge support (Spnish,French,English)
  • Push Notification
  • Nearby device detection(BLE)
  • Manage Activities
  • Realtime Messaging support

Business Locator

It’s a Xamarin Native app for both Android and IOS. it’s for local businesses found with the nearest location of users. users can see the profile of providers and their service and connect with messaging features of the app . also users can give reviews and ratings to providers.

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