Safer Management

Attendance, Learning, & Safety Solutions


About Safer Management

Safer is a platform for schools and organizations to digitally track attendance, health, and incident reporting, with QR scanning features. Safer sends Daily Pre-Screening to staff and students to track health. Safer send Alerts to admin to notify staff and students who have high temperatures or are now well with health.

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  • Admin can manage Students/Staff/parents, other organizations users etc
  • Admin can manage organizations settings
  • Admin can add/edit surveys and manage the multiple surveys
  • Admin Portal shows real time Data with Charts
  • Admin Portal shows Data For Attendance, Absence etc
  • Admin can change their password
  • Admin can bulk import Data using CSV file upload with validations
  • Super Admin can manage multiple organizations
  • Organizations have settings for setup Pre-Screening, Profile setup
  • Dynamic surveys and Dynamic themes color
  • Students/Staff/parents receive mail for Daily Pre-Screening
  • Mail redirects on the user portal to fill a survey


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