1to1Desk is a task management software with built-in communication and conferencing.


About 1to1Desk

1to1 Desk was first released during 2017 and is trading under Bidatask Ltd ( The product is built on Hybrid Azure SaaS platform that allow our customers to use our collaboration tools and modules in any locations where access to Microsoft Azure infrastructure is easily accessible. The platform is using ITIL as the foundation for the functionality and the way client collaborates with a specialist

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  • Multiple Image Download Functionality
  • Bootstrap tag Input
  • Responsive view


Speaker Lead is a service platform which is provided to upload a lead details using CSV files and also a create a single lead after user register. Lead details can be start date, end date, URL, conference date, name and etc. In the Speaker Lead, there are three kinds of users. Researcher manages their own lead details. Manager manages researcher account (Active/Deactive), leads and other functionality also. Admin is main user who can manage whole website.

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